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But while profits mount, taxation with an air of
great resolution sets itself to prune them.
The British public has always been phlegmatic
in the face of danger, it is too stout-hearted and
too stupid to give way to excesses of fear, but the
authorities have thought it necessary to plaster
the walls with vast, manifestly expensive, posters,
headed with a Royal Crown, " Tour courage,
your resolution, your cheerfulness will bring us
" Oh yus," said the London Cockney. " You'll
get the victory all right. Trust you. On my
courage, my resolution, my cheerfulness; you'll
use up c Tommy Atkins 5 all right. Larf at *im
in a kindly sort of way and use him. And then
you think you'll put him back again on the
dust-heap. Again ? Twice ? "
^That is all too credible. But this time our
rulers will emerge discredited and frustrated from
the conflict to face a disorganised population in a
state of mutinous enquiry. They have made
preposterous promises to restore Poland and they
will certainly have to eat their words about that.
Or what is more probable the government will
have to give place to another administration
which will be able to eat those words for them
with a slightly better grace. There is little
prospect of Thanksgiving Services or any Armis-